SonoBat 30 UK

For SonoBat 30 UK a bat detector capable of recording Full Spectrum or Time Expansion sequences is required.

A cost effective detector we can recommend is the Peersonic RPA3, full spectrum  unit, which has an auto-triggering function that will record at 384kHz sample rate and save recordings to an onboard SD card. It can be used for either active (e.g., voucher calls) or passive (unattended) short term deployments. Recorded calls can then be uploaded into the SonoBat UK program for processing and analysis. Full specifications are on the Peersonic web site.

NOTE: SonoBat does NOT work with Zero Cross files.

Other detectors that work well with SonoBat include the Pettersson D500x, D980x, D1000x and the D240X. Full specifications can be found on the Pettersson web site.

In addition; Binary Acoustic Technology, Elekon, Titley and Wildlife Acoustics full-spectrum, direct-recording detectors are compatible with SonoBat.

SonoBat LIVE

SonoBat LIVE works with USBĀ ultrasound microphones that show up under ‘input’ on your sound preferences.
These include the Pettersson M500-384 (NOT original M500-500) , Pettersson u384, Pettersson u256, Dodotronic Ultramic 384K BLE, Dodotronic Ultramic 384K EVO and USB Microphones from Binary Acoustic Technology. The Open Acoustics AudioMoth can also be reconfigured to work as a streaming USB microphone.